automatic rice mill machine




The Satake Destoner SGA separates stones and heavy impurities from grains, utilizing bulk density differences.

Rigid heavy duty construction with Solid Performance thicker steel plates and a sturdy frame ensures long life.

This is the ideal machine for separating stones from grains in an efficient, trouble-free manner.


  1. Stone Discharging and Resort Mechanism:
  2. The discharged stones from the primary sieves contain some grains. This mixed fraction is sent to the secondary sieve by a pneumatic transfer system, using a built-in fan. Stones are concentrated and discharged.

  3. Very Low Maintenance:
  4. Heavy-duty construction, (side View) permanent lubrication and easy access to sieves for cleaning or Replacement result in very low maintenance.

  5. Compact Design:
  6. The Satake Destoner is a compact unit and requires less installation space. The vibratory drive eliminates the need for any pulleys, belts, eccentric bearings, etc. and contributes to the improved sanitation in plants.

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