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Rice Whitener


Satake innovates continuously and creates a marvel repeatedly. The New Rice Whitener is the latest in the list. This machine improvises on existing design and incorporates various improvements to suit long grain milling in a gentle manner. Most suited for sensitive Steamed Rice for Higher Welds and Parboiled Rice for Low Temperature Milling.


  1. Gentle Milling:
  2. The new Design of VTA machine incorporates Gentle Milling of Brown Rice over a Larger Milling Surface in the machine. This also ensures a greater Whiteness per Brake of VTA in a process.

  3. Improved Bran Dissipation:
  4. The inclusion of Secondary Air in the Milling Chamber ensures greater and much quicker removal of Bran from the Screens. This provides improved performance of screens in a continuous operation.

  5. Lower Milling Temperatures:
  6. Due to improved design tor Air circulation inside the Milling Chamber and greater aspiration through the bran duct. The Temperature inside the Milling Chamber is greatly reduced. This retains the good characteristics Of Rice while it is Milled Gently.

  7. Automation and Ease of Operation:
  8. The new VTA design is equipped with Auto-Shutter and many optional features which enables this to integrate seamlessly with the Plant Automation providing a fully remote and automatic operation to the Mill.

Rice Whitener