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Moisture Meters


Moisture Meters

Moisture Testing Kit for Official Measuring

For official tests of moisture content of paddy in Japan, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries employ a method using 105°C tor 5 hours. In some other countries 13O"C tor 1 hour is employed as an official test. However, some scientists claim that 135°C for 3 hours gives the most reliable results. Whilst the official standard method in each country, temperature as well as heating time, may be varied according to their own conditions and characteristics, the basic principles of the test method remain the same.

  • Grind the grain sample with the grinder and accurately place 5g of the material into the aluminum container.
  • Turn on the heating element of the rotary dry oven and raise the temperature inside the oven until it is slightly above the target level.
  • Place the container into the rotary oven, About 18 containers can be put in the oven at a time.
  • The temperature inside the oven will fall when the door is opened, but it soon regains the temperature level after reclosing the door.
  • After reaching the predetermined target temperature level, switch on the thermostat and begin timing. The oven will maintain an even temperature and all samples will be subjected to uniformly high heating.
  • 0pen the door after the predetermined time has elapsed. Remove the sample containers and place them into the airtight glass desiccators tor cooling before weighing.
  • Weigh the sample after cooling and calculate the weight loss tor determining the moisture content of the material.

Handy Moisture Meter

  • Newly designed automatic temperature calibration device eliminates troublesome correction works for both ambient and grain temperature. Microcomputer shows the average value of measurement in digital display.
  • Moisture content is digitally displayed after filling the cup with sample grains (20-180g depending on products).

Standard Moisture Meter

This resistive moisture meter has been designed to apply the well proven principle that resistance varies in proportion to the moisture content of rice and wheat.


Infrared Moisture Meter

lt comprises a balance and an infrared lamp. The Moisture Content can be read directly from the scale. The sample to be measured is placed on the pan of the balance and dried rapidly by the infrared lamp. The balance remains in the level position, while the indicator moves, due to the moisture evaporation. The position of the rider acts as a moisture indicator and enables the moisture content to be read.


Infrared Moisture Determination Balance

This instrument uses a ceramic sheathing heater for reducing the measuring error, due to uneven temperature or scorching or the sample. The mechanism is operated automatically every 30 seconds. An alarm is rung by the buzzer on reaching the pre-set time. A handy printer is also available as an option.